Adventurers Wanted!

Greetings fellow adventurers!

My name is Shanel and I will be your guide around the strange and unusual worlds that swirl around inside my head. I am a fiction writer with a strong affinity for science fiction, fantasy and adventure. Other worlds beckoned me from early on. I grew up wanting to be a mermaid and my room was covered in stars. I was a founding member of my elementary school’s star gazing club and my family visited nearly every aquarium and zoo wherever we traveled. I would spend hours inhabiting these fantastical worlds I would create, usually dragging my brother along, whether he was willing or not.

Nature provides me with so much inspiration. Another source is film and television. I am a huge movie and TV nerd that can spend hours giving you unreasonably detailed information from behind the scenes of your favorite movies. When everyone in school wrote their biography assignments about former presidents and historical figures, I chose Michael J. Fox and Steven Spielberg. Those were and still are my heroes. I wanted to make movies when I grew up, imagining I’d grow up to be an actor or a foley artist (Alas, sound engineering is hard. Bless you sound folks). Even when I wasn’t watching movies, the books I read unfolded before me like little movies I’d direct in my head.

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

After a high school career of mediocre Advance Placement exam essays, the last thing I thought I would do to share my love of storytelling through writing. I was destined for film school and chose an emphasis in writing and directing. I never thought I would really utilize the writing portion and I will just steer more firmly in the directing direction once I got there. Thankfully, during my first semester, my ENG104 professor changed everything for me. Her belief in my natural writing abilities open the door for me to trust myself and write. From there I took more screenwriting classes and found a great love for sharing my stories through words.

Writing has become my outlet for the stories inside me. While I am still working my way toward my first full length novel, I wanted a place to feature my short fiction and other writings. Thus, Star Views by Shanel was born. I hope you enjoy my stories and other musings about the magical possibilities that surround us. All are welcome here. Keep looking up!

© Shanel Aileen Wilson 2021

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