Welcome to Star Views by Shanel

What do the following have in common; distant planets, depths of the ocean, and small, quiet towns? Well, these are all a glimpse into the worlds in which I explore with my writing. I created Star Views as an outlet to share the colorful, strange and enticing worlds that live inside my head. 

I have been creating stories from my earliest memories as a child trying to make sense of this crazy place we call home. With a deep connection to the stars and the sea, I love to explore the core of human nature in extraordinary circumstances, whether that is on a deep space mission or climbing to a nearby antenna array. 

In addition to my stories, I hope to share with you other tidbits that pull on my heartstrings and tickle my fancy.

Come along this adventure with me!

For more Star Views, give a follow! Twitter: @shanelaileenw

© Shanel Aileen Wilson 2021

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