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Looking for more of my stories? I have the great fortune to work with some phenomenal writers around the world. Here some of the places to find these great collaborations!

At the encouragement of my dear writing friend, Erica, I joined Twitter. I wasn’t sure what I would do with the platform but somehow I came across Matthew Cross and his monthly science fiction writing contests. Matthew sets up a great sci-fi story and asks for the entrants to finish the story in 500 words. I thought, what did I have to lose?! The first story I entered was for the October contest called Almost Home. While Jim Hamilton was the very deserving winner of the October contest, Matthew shared my ending as the finalist for the month! Read our joint story here!

In November, I tried my hand at Matthew’s November contest story, A Forest of Blue Eyes. It was quite different from October’s story but still inspiring and interesting. I have found I really enjoy ending stories with a bit of mystery, a bit of story left up to the readers. This one is no exception. Enjoy it here!

In December, Matthew rounded up the Champions from his Fall contests to create the Circle of Champions, a writing relay story. Matthew started us off then each winner added a 250 word portion to the story. As a little bonus element, we each had a specific color to incorporate into our section. It was an exciting challenge to have four authors work on the same short story that read as if only one author wrote it. Join Salem in the Thunderdome here!

The Circle of Champions collaboration proved to be fun and exciting and enough for all of us to sign onto another collaboration with Matthew at the helm. Matthew created a new world, The Globe. There, five cities have grown from the first settlers that landed many generations ago. We each would write and co-write stories about each city, ending with the arrival of Captain Ward written by Matthew. Frasier Armitage kicked us off with Pillars of Smoke, a story of Belmont. My story set in Westminster, Shadow of the Dunes came out second. It was so awesome to create my own set of characters but in the scope of the larger world at play.

After Westminster, Jim Hamilton gave us a look at Whitehall in The Towers of Whitehall. We had more cities than writers so Frasier and I decided to team up to bring Newlondon’s story to life. It was such imagination-stoking collaboration. There was an ease in which the story came to life that was so exciting to both of us. We knew this wasn’t the last story we’d work on together (Just you wait! We’ve got such special things planned!) Journey with Antonio to find The Beast Below.

Matthew finished the cities off with his tale from Finsbury, The Buried War. Just as our scene was set, the Globers world was about to change. Matthew’s story of Captain Ward landing on the Globe starts in Kite Night. I hope you will read our collection of stories and enjoy this new world we’ve created. We have big plans for the Globe and hope you will join us on this adventure!

In April and May, I entered Matthew Cross’s monthly story ending contests again. I was honored to be chosen as a finalist for both months! Read my endings for Fools and Mayday!

For the latest of my adventure, I have the honor of winning Matthew Cross’s September Contest “After the Fall.” Here is our collaboration on an interesting dystopian story.

The Globe Folio Act Two launched this September (2021)! My first story for Act 2, “The Sands of Change” has been released. It picks up the day after Kite Night following Eglamour (who we met in “Shadow of the Dunes”) returning to Westminster. Check out Part One and Part Two now!

More Globe stories will be coming over the next couple of months. There are some real gems I look forward to sharing with you all!

Keep your eye on this space for more of my adventures from Around the Universe!

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