Secrets are swirling as fast as the tide in Newlondon

The Act Two Conclusion of Newlondon, Out of Shadows is out now.

We are almost to the end of Act Two of the Globe Folio! I can’t believe we’ve made it! When we started on Act Two, Frasier and I plotted out what we saw for Newlondon and decided on collaborating on two stories, one towards the beginning of the timeframe and one towards the end. Then I saw how my characters from my Westminster story could intertwine with what Frasier and I set up, so I filled in the middle bits with their stories along the way.

It feels like we wrote our Act Two conclusion, Out of Shadows, for our Newlondoners ages ago, but I guess it was because we did. We got right to work after publishing Act One and the stories sort of flew out of us. Working with Frasier, even though we’ve never met or spoken on video chat or the phone, is just easy. We each brought unique ideas to the table yet have been completely on the same page about the tone and vibe we are after. The process flowed like the Elizabeth River, right to Newlondon.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

If you are new to the Globe Folio and it’s collection of tales from the five cities of the fictious planet called The Globe, check out my page with links to all the stories here. We like to think our stories are great fun to jump into at any point, but read all the Newlondon stories if you want all the nitty gritty goodness we’ve lead to for our conclusion.

The story was so epic it had to be split into three parts. There is intrigue, sabotage, and most of all action. Frasier created most of the new characters you’ll meet but trusted me to bring some of their biggest scenes to life. It was my humbling honor. I hope I did them justice.

Without further ado, please enjoy Out of Shadows, Parts One, Two and Three.

In the coming weeks there will be the final story of Act Two released, written by Matthew Cross. We’ve given ourselves the summer to take a break and we’ll return together in the fall to plot out Act Three. I’ll be sure to keep you posted about our progress!

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