A song trails along the ocean’s breeze.

The Globe continues with my next story this week, Siren’s Song.

I thought I would give a brief refresher of where we are in our story when we find Bianca waiting in Newlondon in Siren’s Song.

Avast! Go check out my page of Globe stories before venturing below. There be spoilers ahead! (Sorry I am back in pirate mode thinking about my Newlondon tale, that and watching Our Flag Means Death, again.)

My very first story of the Globe was for the city of Westminster called Shadow of the Dunes. We follow Emilia through the desert as she travels with a mysterious guide to lead her to the city of Whitehall. We learn that the shadowy figure is Valentine, an almost Shadow Walker from the port city of Newlondon.

For Newlondon’s first story, I teamed up with Frasier Armitage to create a tale of adventure and deceit, The Beast Below. Our tale begins with Antonio, who is a simple trader on the river but through a turn of events seeks the aid of his friend, Solanio. Solanio has his sights squarely on Antonio’s fiancé, Bianca, so he locks Antonio on a deathship with hopes he’ll never return to port.

We loved the characters we created for the Night of the Rocket (what later became Act One of the Globe Folio) and we were itching to get back into their stories. So when Matthew, Frasier and I decided to continue stories about the Globe into a second act, ideas started swirlingfaster than the waters around the deathship when the kraken arose from the sea. What if Bianca and Valentine were sisters? Then I could connect these women into a larger story within our world. Matthew and Frasier were on board so off I went to write.

Frasier and I started with another joint story, Eyes Up the River (Part 1 and Part 2). We pick up Antonio’s story after he returns back from slaying the kraken in The Beast Below. Antonio becomes a pawn of the nefarious Guild and is locked away in a Whitehall prison cell. The story ends with a glimmer of hope that his Bianca will find him.

This gave me just what I needed to fill out what became three more stories for my Merry Women of the Globe (please pardon my back Merry Wives of Windsor pun I have grown attached to). I decided to run my stories concurrently with the actions happening in the Antonio/Solanio stories (the conclusion for Act Two is coming soon!! It’s a whopping three parter!). I was excited to give depth to the action in the original story as well as give this women a chance to live and grow.

Since Shadow of the Dunes was the beginning of Emilia’s story, I thought I should write a story for Valentine. That story became Swift as Shadow Part One and Part Two. We pick up with Emilia choosing to follow Valentine back to Newlondon instead of going to Whitehall. They arrive just moments after Antonio returns with the kraken. By the end of Part Two, Antonio is now imprisoned and my ladies make a plan with the Shadow Walkers (a mysterious group of Newlondoners whose very existence is still debated around the Globe) to save Antonio.

Emilia, desperate to change her fate and help her new found love, volunteers to help infiltrate Whitehall since she was due there as a Westminster Bride. Emilia’s story continues in A View from the Wall Part One and Part Two where she undergoes the Bride’s surgery to enhance her ultraviolet vision. She find an ally in her trainer, Cleo, and is able to locate where they are keeping Antonio (Cleo has a connection to anther story, Feral Fields, but hopefully you’ll see more in Act Three.)

Finally we come to Bianca. She needed a story all her own in this tangled tale of rescuing her beloved Antonio. Bianca’s part in the rescue efforts is continue life as usual, to with keep up illusions, to not rouse suspicion from Solanio or anyone else. Her story is out now, Siren’s Song Part One and Part Two.

I hope the cords of these stories are now neatly arranged and ready for more strands to be woven in!

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