The Planetkiller has another trick up it’s sleeve.

Read my ending to Planetkiller by Matthew Cross

I once again participated in Matthew Cross‘s March’s “finish my story” contest. This March’s title is “Planetkiller.” When a Planetkiller machine lands on their planet, a pair of siblings must do whatever it takes to destroy it before it reaches the mines.

Photo by Andrew Coelho on Unsplash

When I read the beginning of the story that Matthew wrote, my end popped into my head immediately. I just had to sit down and figure out how to bring it to life in 500 words. I’m happy with how it turned out and Matthew graciously deemed it as a finalist for the contest.

The art for the story was created by the talented Joe Cross. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at the handle @joedrawsometimes for more content for Matthew’s stories and his own fun art!

Click here to read our joint story, Planetkiller!

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