A unique pairing under the desert moon.

I partnered up with my life partner to create a new story for the Globe Folio, Feral Fields.

I am so excited that Spring is officially here and the days are starting to get longer again. This means more time enjoying the evenings outside with my family.

Something I haven’t anticipating enjoying together with my husband is writing. He is a hugely talented creative (though I know he will make a face at that when he reads this). He is a problem solver which makes his perspective unique when it comes to creating stories.

Photo by Tom Gainor on Unsplash

I’ve always bounced my heaps of ideas off of him and he always pushes them, and myself, beyond what I’ve got rolling around in my head. We’ve joked about writing a movie or a novel of one of our joint science fiction ideas but we never made an effort to actually start anything.

Then my husband started entering the writing contests I have participated in. He had heard my ramblings as I formulated my stories for the Globe and when I thought of an idea for one set out in the desert of Westminster and the creatures that inhabited it, I knew we need to write it together.

Thus, Feral Fields was born. I think we have different styles and we definitely have different approaches but I think we managed to create a cohesive and exciting story.

So please enjoy Feral Fields by Jeremy and Shanel Wilson!

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