Emilia ventures out on her own.

Part One of The View from the Wall out today!

The Globe Folio continues today with the release of Part One of The View from the Wall. After following Valentine to Newlondon, Emilia is plunged into a new world, but not the one she thought she was joining. With the arrival of the Polity, the Globe has been turned upside down. Valentine’s sister Bianca is no exception. Bianca’s fiancé, Antonio, has been pulled in the middle of a plot by the Newlondon Guild and she enlists the help of her sister and the secret Shadow Walkers to help her save the man she loves.

Emilia decided to leave the protection of the life she knew when she followed Valentine so she volunteers to help with rescue effort. Emilia was overdue in Whitehall to become a Westminster Bride and receive eye-enhancing surgery and training. She uses this opportunity to get into Whitehall undetected in order to find where Antonio is being held. Untested and naïve in many ways, can Emilia fulfill her mission? Or will she be stuck as a Bride forever?

Check out Part One now and come back Friday for the conclusion!


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