Update! A little New Years Treat!

New Release! Swift as Shadow, part of Act 2 of the Globe Folio

Before we close 2021, my next story for the Globe Folio is being released this week!

“Swift as Shadow” (Part One and Part Two) continues the story of Emilia and Valentine just after the Night of the Rocket. After their perilous journey through the desert leaving Westminster, our two heroines are inextricably intertwined as they sail into an unknown future with the arrival of the Polity.

If you missed their introduction in the Night of the Rocket, read “Shadow of the Dunes.” There you will meet the brave, yet sheltered Emilia and her companion, Valentine, the stoic and skilled Newlondon guide.

Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash

The events of “Swift as Shadow” occur alongside the events in “Eyes Up the River,” written by Frasier Armitage and myself. Check out Part One and Part Two so you don’t miss any details hidden within “Swift as Shadow.”

You can now read Part One and Part Two of “Swift as Shadow” today. I hope you enjoy the continuing story of these two intrepid ladies.

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