Eyes Up The River – Part One and Two Out Now!

It’s a new week and a new story for the Globe Folios: Night of Revelation is upon us!

This week’s story I co-wrote with Frasier Armitage. We picked up where we left of with our story The Beast Below. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I agreed to co-write a story about the port city of Newlondon for Act One of the Globe Folios. I am so pleased that it has blossomed into an awesome collaboration that I am so excited that it will continue as we move forward with the Globe Folios and perhaps beyond!

One of Frasier’s brilliant ideas to incorporate a great sea monster, our fearsome Kraken, for our story. That and along the details Matthew gave about Newlondon, I was instantly inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo and wanted to create a compelling interpersonal triangle for our characters to deal with. Monsters in and out of the sea, as it where. The story organically grew from there.

Image curtesy of http://matthewcrosswrites.com

This next chapter brings Antonio home with the Kraken eye has his prize. His humble life is turned upside down as he quickly learns there are still more monstrous things that he will face even after slaying the Kraken.

I hope you will enjoy Part One and Part Two of Eyes Up The River!

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