Night of Revelation

The Globe Folio expanses in it’s second act, Night of Revelation.

Last week, Night of Revelation, the Globe Folio’s second act began with Frasier Armitage’s “The Voice of Beasts.” Frasier continued Lorenzo’s journey as he emerges from the mountains of Belmont on the Night of the Rocket. It’s great story so give it a read.

This week, Night of Revelation continues with my first story of the second act, “The Sands of Change.” During the first act, I introduced you to Westminster, the industrial city set in the desert and only city not built on the Elizabeth River. You met the curious and brave Emilia, the daughter of Eglamour, the head of the Smith- the city’s glassworks factory. She leaves her beloved father and impetuous brothers to set off on a treacherous journey through the desert to report to Whitehall and become a Westminster Bride (if you want to find out just exactly what a Westminster Bride truly is, stick around and continue reading our series!)

After the Polity Rocket arrives, Elgamour is summoned to meet with Captain Ward with the rest of the Globe’s city leaders on what becomes “Kite Night.” With the Polity putting their might on full display, Eglamour returns home in Part One of “The Sands of Change.” How will Emilia’s brothers react to the news Eglamour brings? And you will meet the ailing Benedict, the head of Wildcat Fields- the city’s oil fields and refinery, along with his only family, his niece, Imogen. Change is coming to the Globe, how will it affect the ever shifting sands in our desert city of Westminster?

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