Later, fools

As I have mentioned, I found several contests this past Fall that got me into a short fiction phase of my writing. I decided to enter Matthew Cross‘s April Flash Fiction Collaboration Contest that I had won last November. In the April story, “Fools,” Matthew created a vibrant and unique world so I was drawn to see how I could resolve the story with a satisfying ending.

Photo by fabio on Unsplash

My husband also decided to try his hand at the contest after months of trying to decide if he should or not. I submitted mine and was happy enough with it. When he submitted his and let me read it, I hoped it would win. It was effortless and right in line with the voice Matthew had created.

To my delight, I received the news that Matthew had chosen me as his first finalist after a tough decision with the winning story. I secretly prayed it was my husband’s since I knew it was exactly what the story needed. All the same, since I am still stretching my writing muscles, I was glad that Matthew thought mine was worthy enough to mention as a finalist, let alone one that gave the winning story a run for its money.

You can find my ending of the story, “Fools,” here!

And happily, my husband’s story was indeed the winner that was competing with me! I am so glad his story had the edge and won out. Read it here!

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Looks like we might need to try collaborating ourselves! Stay tuned!

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